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Friday, December 12, 2008

Gilad Shalit--Going On 900 Days

HonestReporting's blog Backspin Media notes:

The day after the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with pomp and hot air, Israelis mark Gilad Shalit's 900th day in captivity.

At least the Red Cross noticed.

The Red Cross site explains what the Red Cross has done so far and is trying to do--which basically boils down to trying to see Gilad Shalit and speak to him in private:
We are pursuing dialogue with all those concerned, as we believe that is essential for achieving progress. We have to talk to those who hold a person's fate in their hands in order to be able to help that person.
The Red Cross is sincere, but still--I thought this was a bit jarring:
There are limits to what we can do and to what international humanitarian law entitles us to do when it comes to visiting people in detention or to finding out what happened to people who go missing in an armed conflict. [emphasis added]
Neither of these 2 descriptions fit the current circumstances. Shalit is neither in detention nor did he go missing. He was kidnapped by terrorists. Despite the Red Cross's best motives, their efforts thus far seem to have done nothing more than to legitimize Hamas and what they have done by equating their actions with those of a party to an armed conflict. 

If indeed the situation was one of armed conflict, why is Israel put under constant pressure to act as if there was no such conflict and open up its borders and indiscriminately allow unfettered access to Palestinian Arabs?

Not surprisingly, the Red Cross refuses to call Hamas by what they are and is reduced to 
"pursuing dialogue."


Philippe Ohlund said...

Hi friends!

In my latest post I suggest Barack Obama exchanges the Guantanamo Bay prisoners for Gilad Shalit.

Best Wishes and God Bless,
Philippe Öhlund

Char Tierney said...

911 days since Gilad was taken! Isn't this the number with which we should cry out to God, saying, "Father, have mercy and rescue Gilad as you rescued Daniel from the lion's den and so many others who looked to you." It is time to ask the Father for help in the name of Jesus.

2000 years and no word from God, who speaks? Ridiculous! It is time to act on the name of the one who died at Passover as a sacrifice. If God can tell Abraham, "I WILL PROVIDE THE SACRIFICE", then we can trust that He would give His son in place of Abraham's son. So, let's ask in Jesus' name for help. Why wait until Israel is no longer a nation? Grave danger lies ahead, for many, just as danger came to dearest Gilad.

No offense meant to those who refuse to consider Jesus as friend, messiah, or savior (from sin, as passover represents but there is more to be rescued, when he stops being rejected so fiercely) but common sense is appealed to here. What will happen if you ask God for help in Jesus' name? It will get worse? - lol -- It is going to get worse on its own as Israel's enemies try to eradicate her from the earth.

Whence comes my help, said David. Look on high, and ask the Holy One for help on His terms - any terms - including acceptance of God calling Himself plural as He created the world in His own image, then bringing out from Himself a son, and sending him to the earth and calling him Savior (which is what the angel Gabriel said that Jesus means). If God wants to come to earth as a man, great! He can be more than one place at a time, as is obvious. Let Him be God and do as He chooses, and let Him hear our cries and rescue the innocent who have been captured by the wicked.

Father, will you please rescue Gilad Shalit? Enough of his suffering. Please bring him back to his family, whose heart has been torn out from them. I ask you in Jesus' name.

PS lovely poems for Gilad

@n@s said...

Gilad Shalit is a prisioner of war. He was not 'kidnapped' as the zionists will have everyone believe.

Soldiers are not kidnapped, they are captured. Like always the israeli fascists manipulate and play with words to fool the world.

Gilad Shalit is part of a fascist and racist army that seeks the extermination of Palestine and its people.

He deserves no pity, empathy or support. For supporting him is to support Israeli Apartheid and all Israeli crimes against humanity.

Gilad Shalit is one less fascist off the field!

marcia said...


In light of the events of this past week in Gaza, can you please update this site daily? I am very concerned for Gilad as are we all. I would like the latest information.

Also is there anything I can do to help?



Anonymous said...

Gilad Shalit was a fag, he liked to take it up the ass.

joshue said...

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joshue said...

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marcelo said...

gilad from Argentine, pray for you

Anonymous said...

Get it to your head. There is no person to talk to on the Hamas side, Let IDF finish what it start!

hamaslovers said...

Shalit's price as much as all Palestinian prisoners

Anonymous said...

you cowards are afraid of palestinians that you have to kill women and children.

Fake Barack said...

Look, when even guys like Qaddafi are starting to call for peace, you know the situation has gotten out of hand.

My prayers are with Gilad.