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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Shalit manipulation

The Israeli MSM is currently engaged in a shameless campaign to free Gil'ad Shalit at any price.

Here's a courageous article from Yaron Dekel, Channel 1’s political commentator, where he takes the media to task. A snippet:

They forgot the victims, and the counter protest tent of those opposed to a deal was dismantled within 24 hours.

It’s also difficult to find reports about the ramifications of this deal. Reports that not only ask what the terrorists could do once they are be released, but also a wider discussion about the impact this deal will have on IDF operations in the future, on the combat doctrine and efforts to sacrifice lives rather than fall into captivity, and about the issue of capturing terrorists alive in order to try them in Israel, knowing that the verdict is temporary until the next abduction.

The media has chosen to serve the Shalit family and not the public interest. But good journalism is tested in difficult times, not easy times.

It’s tested in its ability to stimulate a debate, to protest, to fuel an argument, raise doubts and create cracks in a monolithic public opinion. The same goes for peace times as in times of war. Journalism has a decisive role to play in a democratic society. Its role is not to move hearts.

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Erik Hammarström said...

In Israel there are hundreds of Palestinian children in prison.

Gilad Shalit is a IDF soldier.

What is he compared to 100 children?

I'm ashamed of Israel...

Anonymous said...

What a crap, what hundreds of Palestinians children are in the Israeli prison? where did you hear this lie? By your name you are probably Scandinavian, so I feel sorry for you to being so naive to believe these kind of lies. There are Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prison, and Israel have a good reason to put them there, but not kids as you say, they are all adults, who have to be responsible to the outcome of their behavior.
Sorry to say but you are another victim of the muslim propaganda and the European one-sided media.

Anonymous said...

Which children are you referring to, exactly? Those below 5 years, children of terrorist mothers, born in prison (tell them to thank their brainwashed mothers!)?
Or those who committed acts of crimes (such as, let's wildly speculate for a second, wearing explosive belts when trying to cross checkpoints into Israel?!) against Israeli citizens?

As for the first ones - if Israeli authorities decided to have them separated after birth, all the world would cry inhumanity over it, do you agree? Allowing them to nurse their babies is actually very humane (more than these women deserve to get, given they've taken / help to take the lives of innocent people!).

As for the second - anyone committing a crime should get what they deserve. Carry an explosives belt, go and pay for your stupidity. Tough luck.

Get the facts before you feel the need to feel ashamed for anyone on this earth.