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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Captured Israeli soldier 'held in boobytrapped room'

Israeli television said today an Israeli soldier captured a year ago is being held in the southern Gaza Strip in an underground room inside a booby-trapped building.

Sergeant Gilad Shalit was grabbed by Palestinian gunmen in a cross-border raid into Israel from the Gaza Strip on June 25, 2006.

The report, aired on Israeli Channel 2, said Shalit is being held near Shaboura refugee camp, close to the town of Rafah in the southern part of the coastal territory.

The reporter said his information came from Hamas sources.

Israeli officials declined to comment and a militant source representing one of the three groups holding Shalit said the report is "speculation and imagination".

The television report said Shalit is being cared for by two captors with whom he has formed a "cordial" relationship, and he is being treated fairly.

Shalit's living quarters were described as a two-room underground store with enough supplies to last two weeks, accessible down a ladder through a 15-metre-deep shaft which the report said is lined with explosives.

It added that the captors receive supplies and newspaper cuttings every two weeks and that they have been ordered to take good care of their prisoner.

Last year Shalit's captors refused to accept a pair of spectacles sent by his parents because they feared they were embedded with miniature electronic devices.

SMH: Captured Israeli soldier 'held in boobytrapped room'

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Yair said...

Kol hakavod for your efforts. May G-d bless them, and may He bring all our captive soldiers, and Jonathan Pollard, back home safe, very soon!

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Anonymous said...

i don't like to see anyone hurt in conflicts, but i can't help thinking you bring it upon yourselves helping support illegal settlers who are colonising the west bank, despite international lawmakers calling them to stop. He is part of the problem, therefor a legitimate target. Although, i hope no harm comes to him