Free GIlad Shalit: Time in Captivity

Poll: Five Years On. What should the Israeli Government do?

What action should the Israeli Government take now that Hamas has clear control of Gaza and it has been 1 year since Gilad Shalit was been kidnapped
Negotiate with Hamas
Negotiate with Hamas, release as many prisoners as it takes
Hold the Hamas Leadership directly accountable
Hold the Leadership accountable and give them one final deadline before military action
Hold Leadership accountable, give deadline for military action and total cessation of all Israeli supplied electricty and Water.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gilad Shalit speaks from captivity (video)

If the video fails to load click here:
Gilad Shalit speaks from captivity

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Urban Infidel said...

I am praying for Gilad's swift return home. And for the return of the other Israeli soldiers kidnapped by terrorists in Lebanon.