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Friday, January 11, 2008

Bush, Free Your Captive: Jonathan Pollard

I just took a night stroll through the Kiryat Moshe of Jerusalem and I saw this:

The sign says, "Bush, Free Your Captive".

Under the picture of Islamofascist Haniyeh is the name Gilad Shalit, who is being held captive in Gaza. The names of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser are under the picture of Nassrallah the war criminal. Under the image of George W. Bush is the name Jonathan Pollard.

I've already stated many times that the continued incarceration of Pollard is a stain on "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Pollard is in jail because he is a Jew, and not because of any crime that he committed. Bush did not put him in jail,but he has the power to set him free. As long as he doesn't, he is in some pretty bad company.


Deputy Prime Minister and Shas Chairman Eli Yishai, who attended the event, forwarded a letter from Shas spiritual leader the Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to Bush. Yosef asked the president to free jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Yosef's plea was sent along with a letter from Pollard's wife Esther, asking Bush to pardon her husband, who has been incarcerated for 22 years.



wait israel we wil come our airplane for bombing you for pallestinian. we are the greatest country in midle east.blood for blood. you are child killer show taht israel is a child killer and we promise that when we see an jewish,we will kill it for palestenian

Tony said...

I realize Jonathan Pollard is a political prisoner used by the USA as a pawn for leverage and negotiation.
Why don't we hear more here in the USA from the leaders of Israel pushing for Mr. Pollards release. I must say as a US citizen this whole thing of holding Jonathan and not giving him freedom, an apology, and enough to retire comfortably on for the rest of his life is a humiliation. I've personally sent letters to the President and his Attorney Generals office requesting his release by pardon and apology. I just get back letters from the Atty. Gen. stating he has been up for parole but never requests it. But parole isn't the right answer. He needs to be absolved.
Blessings from Yah,
A Messianic Zionist

Anonymous said...

As one who served in the USMC I say what has happened to Gilad is beyond intolerable and totally unacceptable.
He needs to be restored to his family and returned to life as he knew it.Which he'll never be able to do again.
Go clean house!
It's beyond personal.
The Hebrews were on that land over three thousand years, well before Mohamed was born or thought of. Israel has every right and a duty to defend their people.

idodeisuke1987 said...

Pollard may have commited crimes, but this extremley long prison sentence is cruel and unusual for this kinda stuff. The US is obviously makin a "stick-and-carrot-game" on Po,lards back. And Israel should make real war against the Hamas, not by halves like Cat Lead. The Operation should go until Gilad is free and untill the enemy (Hamas)is either dead or surrenders.