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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost Lost Another One

The BBC reports:

Israeli soldiers patrolling the streets of Hebron, in the West Bank, last September
Israeli politicians said the incident was "unacceptable"
An Israeli soldier has rejoined his unit after being left behind in Gaza during a raid against Palestinian militants, army officials have said.
The only thing more unsettling than how it happened is the claim that the circumstances are not unusual:
The soldier fell asleep during the operation last Thursday, but his absence was not noticed until his colleagues returned to Israel.

The unit re-entered Gaza several hours later and rescued the soldier, who had fired a flare and tracers into the air.

The Israeli military said it had launched an inquiry into the incident.

Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai told Israel Radio that similar incidents had happened "dozens of times".

"People are tired and not thinking straight after long hours or long days," the Associated Press news agency quoted him as saying.
At a time that Israel's efforts to rescue 3 kidnapped soldiers have been a complete failure, articles like this are not reassuring--though that last line might explain Olmert after 1 1/2 long years.

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Debbyjoyce said...

I saw this blog-it has not been updated in almost a year-can you post what is the latest news about the three men takne as hostages/ I am sending this from Long Island, New York

Thank you