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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hamas man involved in Shalit kidnapping arrested

Man also admits to participating in infiltration of IDF outpost five years ago and several missile launchings

The IDF and Shin Bet arrested Mohammad Sufi, an operative affiliated with Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) who admitted to involvement in the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit one year ago, it was cleared for publication on Friday.

Sufi (30) was arrested at the beginning of July, and was responsible for documenting the June 25, 2006 attack and kidnapping at Kerem Shalom as part of Hamas' propaganda campaign.

During his investigation, Sufi also admitted to involvement in the infiltration into an IDF outpost in southern Gaza five years ago, in January of 2002. Four soldiers, including a major, were killed in that incident.

Sufi, who lives in Rafah on the border with Egypt, admitted to having fired several missiles towards Israel and planting explosive devices against IDF forces.

These devices caused the injury of a number of soldiers, in the incidents cited.

Mr Bagel: Note another fact that points to the ever increasing scenario that Hamas was directly involved in this crime.

Don't allow the Palestinian Terrorists to play Musical Chairs, they must be held accountable. The Hamas leadership is directly responsible and accountable.

References: Ynet News: Hamas man involved in Shalit kidnapping arrested [End]


Anonymous said...

What about setting up a blog to campaign for the release of poltical and innocent prisoners held by Israel without charge and in indefinate detention?

Why is the capture of people from one side more important than those from another?

What about the Palestianisn and Lebanese held as bargaining chips?

Where is your condemnation of that?

Elaine said...


Do you really believe what you are saying ??

Instead of spouting baseless propaganda, why not get the true facts ??

If you would find out what is truth, you would not ask this question.

It never fails to astond me that people like yourself, will blindly support and defend these aggressers.

Israel is a tiny nation, which asks only to be allowed to exist in peace, among her neighbors.

The Arab nations surrounding Israel refuse to accept this, and continue to wage propaganda campaigns, terrorist assaults, and endless threats of absolute annilaton against Israel.

Israel only holds those prisoners, who have either perpetrated acts of violence against Israelis, or are believed to be directly affiliated with those who have, or, it is highly probable based on evidences, that they will in the future, do so.

Israel is tiny, the Arab nations are vastly larger, both in land mass and in population.

Israel seeks only the right to exist, the Arabs seek only Israel's destruction.

So, who are the bad guys here ???

It's a no brainer !!!

Get the facts, please !!!